Carlsbad and surroundings

Carlsbad and surroundings

12. 10. 2021 2021-10-12 12:06

Whether you come to the Hotel Lafonte for any entertainment, it is worth exploring Carlsbad and its surroundings. The spa town, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2021, really has a lot to offer, as well as other adjacent towns, monuments, the Ore Mountains and the Slavkov Forest. Carlsbad is a city of experiences and such will be your stay in the Spa Hotel Lafonte ****.

You will not forget this holiday!

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Karlovy Vary - Hotel Lafonte**** Karlovy Vary

Carlsbad & Surrounding

Carlsbad, together with 10 other European spa towns, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2021.

The local spa is based on the use of mineral water with healing effects, which is formed in the granite crystalline at depths of about 2000 meters. The local water has a beneficial effect on the treatment of liver and intestinal diseases, stomach and liver. Chemically, it is water that springs at a temperature of 73° C from 60% in a spring with a yield of about 2000 l / m. The mineralogical composition is around 5.9 – 6.5 g / l with a carbon dioxide content of 0.375 – 0.750 g / l.

The doctor Dr. David Becher (died 1792), who was mainly responsible for the modernization of Karlovy Vary balneology. In the 19th century, Dr. Jean de Carro, dr. Rudolf Mannl and dr. Eduard Hlawaczek.

Hrad Loket - Hotel Lafonte**** Karlovy Vary

Loket town and castle

A visit to the West Bohemian town of Loket is a good type for a beautiful trip and at the same time an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most important historical towns in the Czech Republic. In the elongated square, sublime Baroque and Renaissance houses coincide. Loket Castle is steeped in history, fans of mysterious stories and mysteries will come to their senses.

You will see during the tour

City tour and walls
J. W. Goethe and Loket
Natural theater
Visit to the castle (porcelain exhibition, ceremonial hall, square tower, historical weapons, historical excavations, torture law)

Svatošské skály - Hotel Lafonte**** Karlovy Vary

Svatošské skály Rocks

The massive rocks were declared a protected reserve in 1933, later a natural monument called “Jan Svatoš”. This place enchanted and inspired many artists (J. W. Goethe, V. Mrštík). The rocks are an interesting climbing site for climbers.

The rocks form a series of rock pillars and columns, which are shrouded in many legends. According to one, they represent a petrified wedding procession – a dejected fairy cursed her human lover, who betrayed her and married another.

You will see during the tour

On the left bank of the river Ohře, in the PLA Slavkovský les and southeast of the village Hory
Rock formations with an area of 2 ha
Altitude 380 – 440 m above sea level.
Walking time: 8 km (K. Vary, Doubí – Sv. Skály and back)
Suspension bridge over the river Ohře
Restaurant with outdoor terrace

Hrad a zámek Bečov - Hotel Lafonte**** Karlovy Vary

Bečov Castle and Chateau

The ancient town of Bečov nad Teplou rises on a rock above the river Ohře and proudly boasts its originally Gothic castle, to which a Baroque chateau was later added. Under dramatic circumstances, the reliquary of St. was found in the castle. Maura, which is one of the rarest historical artifacts in Europe.

After the Czech coronation jewels, the reliquary of St. Maura became the most valuable monument of medieval jewelry and goldsmith art in the Czech Republic.

You will see during the tour

The exposition of the reliquary of St. Maura
Castle interiors (historical furniture, library, St. Peter’s Chapel, tapestry salon, etc.)
Garden tour
Coffee and dessert on the Bečov terrace

Klášter Teplá - Hotel Lafonte**** Karlovy Vary

Teplá Monastery

The monastery was built by the Czech Hroznata Tepelský in the Romanesque style in the 1990s for the French Premonstratensian Order. In addition to the historically very valuable monastery interior, the visitor will get acquainted with the exhibits of the monastery museum and the beauty of the Church of the Virgin Mary. The most valuable part of the monastery is nevertheless an extensive monastery library, which is the second largest monastery library in Bohemia after the Strahov Monastery.

You will see during the tour

Library with 100,000 volumes (the second largest historical library in the Czech Republic)
Exhibition of exhibits from the collections of the monastery museum
Church tour