Wellness and spa services


12. 10. 2021 2023-03-08 16:58

It doesn’t end with accommodation with us! Start enjoying your stay and learn the meaning of “relaxation” and “relaxation”. Treat yourself to the beneficial effects of various wraps and massages! Relax your mind in a fragrant bath and recharge your batteries. Sounds beautiful, right?

It’s time to try it all!

Your Lafonte team

Wellness and spa services

Choose treatment procedures that will make you feel reborn. At any time of the day, head to the relaxation pool with counter-current and massage loungers, or book a private sauna with whirlpool.

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Come and relax with us

Enjoy the swimming pool, private sauna, whirlpool or any of the many treatments on offer.

Relaxation pool with countercurrent

  • open daily from 7:00 to 22:00
  • free of charge for guests
  • for a fee of 130 CZK / hour for external guests
  • size 7 x 3.5 m, water temperature 30 – 32 ° C
  • including countercurrent and 2 massage beds

Private sauna & whirlpool

  • for a fee of 350 CZK / hour and person
  • for hotel and external guests
  • hotel guests receive a 10% discount
  • the price includes a non-alcoholic cocktail
  • appointment at the hotel reception
  • telephone reservation: +420 353 439 290

Beauty services, manicure and pedicure

  • the date can be arranged at the hotel reception or by phone

Offer and prices of procedures

We provide a 10% discount to accommodated guests.

Offer procedures

Massages & Wellness massages

Classic partial massage20 min.490 Kč
Classic total massage50 min.850 Kč
Partial reflex massage20 min.550 Kč
Reflexology foot massage30 min.590 Kč
Reflexology hand massage20 min.500 Kč
Total underwater massage20 min.600 Kč
Lymphatic massage manual part.
Thajská masáž plosek nohou40 min.640 Kč
Hawaiian massage55 min.1080 Kč
Bali massage60 min.1180 Kč
Bamboo facial massage20 min.490 Kč
Bamboo back massage40 min.870 Kč
Indian head massage20 min.490 Kč
Aroma massage partial20 min.490 Kč
Aroma total massage50 min.850 Kč

Offer procedures

Baths & Wellness Baths

Pearl bath20 min.490 Kč
Carbonic bath20 min.490 Kč
Peat bath20 min.520 Kč
Dry carbonic bath40 min.430 Kč
Aroma bath20 min.490 Kč
Cleopatra's bath20 min.650 Kč
Chocolate bath20 min.650 Kč

Offer procedures

Wraps & Other Procedures

Magnetotherapy20 min.240 Kč
Electrotherapy5 - 10 min.240 Kč
Oxygen therapy50 min.320 Kč
Instrumental lymph drainage60 min.490 Kč
Exercise in the pool20 min.250 Kč
Inhalation20 min.180 Kč
Private sauna & whirlpool60 min.350 Kč
Peat wrap20 min.370 Kč
Honey wrap20 min.370 Kč
Ayurvedic herbal wrap20 min.370 Kč
Paraffin hand wrap20 min.370 Kč