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Svatoš rocks

Mighty rocks were proclaimed already in 1933 as the protected nature reserve, later nature landmark under the name "Jan Svatoš". This place enchanted and inspired many artists (J.W.Goethe, V.Mrštík). The rocks are very famous climbing area.

The rocks are formed by pillars and columns and are know for many fabulous stories. According to one of them they represent a wedding procession. The sad and disappointed nymph damned her lover who betrayed her and married another girl.



You will see during the tour

On the left bank of the river Ohře, the nature reserve of the Slavkov forest and the village Hory on the southeast
Rock formation – the area of 2 ha
Altitude – 380 – 440 m
Length of the tour – 8km (K. Vary, Doubí – Svatoš rocks and back)
Wire bridge across the river Ohře
Restaurant with an open-air terrace


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  • MajakovskĂ©ho 29
  • 36005 Karlovy Vary
  • IÄŚ: 28047141
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