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Karlovy Vary and surrounding

Karlovy Vary is the most prominent Czech spa town. It is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic.


Local spa treatment is based on the use of mineral water which has healing effects and originates in granite crystal base in the depth of 2000meters. It has beneficial influence on liver, intestine disorders, on stomach and liver. The water contains NA, CO-SO4 and 60% of it gushes at the temperature of 73°C and produces 2000litres a minute. It is richly mineralized with the content of about 5,9 – 6,5 g/l, the content of CO2 varies from 0,375 – 0,750 g/l.

Dr. David Becher, who died in 1792, promoted the spa treatment and thanks to his modern methods Karlovy Vary became a world-known spa town.

In the 19th century his followers dr.Jean D.Carro, dr. Rudolf Mannl and dr. Eduard Hlawaczek continued in his work.



  • s.r.o.
  • MajakovskĂ©ho 29
  • 36005 Karlovy Vary
  • IÄŚ: 28047141
  • DIÄŚ: CZ28047141